Basement Pole Covers

Basement Pole Covers

Finishing unsightly basement support posts can provide some interesting challenges. Building a box around a post could be as unattractive as the post itself and, unfortunately, it takes up usable space. Finally, someone has created a single pole covering that can accommodate a 3", 3 1/2", or 4" pole.

Basement Pole Cover by Madrid Inc. is manufactured in the US and is a cleverly engineered product that is enjoyable to install. The core is made of four 1/8" pieces of eucalyptus fiberboard (by Duratex S.A.) laminated together to create a 1/2" wall thickness that is bug- and water-resistant.

The core alone, also offered by Madrid, makes a great paintable pole covering. They also offer 1/32" veneer oak, maple, and cherry hardwood laminated over the eucalyptus core so the pole can be stained to match your decor.

Basement Pole Cover

All pole coverings come with a matching base and cap (1/2" by 2") with an outside diameter of 6 1/8", each made of laminated matching wood. With the exception of the eucalyptus fiberboard, the laminations of the hardwood bases and caps all run one direction. This tends to conceal the plies, and the overall construction is a lot stronger than it would be if the base or cap were cut from solid hardwood. The base and cap are constructed in halves to fit over the core to finish the bottom and top of the Basement Pole Cover.

For easy assembly, the Basement Pole Cover is split in half. The two halves are 95 1/2" long and are held in place with beachwood biscuits, six to each side. Madrid has created plywood spacers to accommodate 3" to 4" diameter poles. There are three sets of spacers for each pole cover.

The product comes unfinished and has an inside diameter of 4.375" and an outside diameter of 5.375". Included in the package are the biscuits and three nylon ties to help hold the two halves together while the glue dries. Please read the instructions for a better understanding of how Basement Pole Cover is installed.

Oak, Maple, or Cherry Basement Pole Covers look best when stained or left in their natural states; the Paintable (fiberboard) Basement Pole Cover is better suited for painting. Whichever you choose, it will blend in beautifully with the rest of your room's decor.

Important News! We no longer sell the Basement Pole Covers by Madrid, Inc. as of 07/23/10. We have discovered that some of the veneer pole covers have glue hot spots which cause the veneer edges to lift. The veneer is also very thin which does not allow any room for sanding at the seams once the unit is put together. The biscuits are extremely tight in their slots, making them very difficult to remove while doing a trial run fitting. We have also noticed that some of the "matching" halves don't actually match in circumference nor in wood grain and color.

Most disturbing, however, is that Madrid, the manufacturer, doesn't inspect all pole covers when they are placed in their shipping boxes. If you receive a defective item and/or missing parts, you don't have much recourse with the manufacturer. They will not pay for shipping to return the item; and if they do send a replacement and/or missing parts, the shipping will be at your expense.

Madrid's product line does require some carpentry/woodworking skills to install their products. I recommend that you consider Pole-Wrap's product; or if you still want the Basement Pole Cover by Madrid, I would only purchase Paintable Unfinished version #9037500004. This is their only product where you won't have to worry about wood veneers and you have room to sand.

You can still purchase the products listed below by clicking on the individual items or click on the button below. This will take you to another stocking distributor where you can purchase Basement Pole Covers through Amazon.