Little Giant Ladder System

Little Giant Ladder System

Click the movie icon to see the video.The Little Giant Ladder System, as seen in this TV infomercial, is an amazing folding ladder. I believe no other ladder system on the market compares to the Little Giant Ladder System and it is the only ladder you will ever need. I encourage you to read my review on the Little Giant Ladder System to learn about this remarkable ladder.

Don't be fooled by copycat ladder systems; they lack Little Giant's quality and some features. Wing's Model 17 ladder is manufactured in the US from heavy-gauge aluminum and carries a lifetime warranty. It weighs 36 pounds and stores compactly in a space only 4' 7 1/2" high by 2' wide by 8" deep.

The main thrust of Little Giant's design is how it is 32 ladders in one. I've configured the Model 17 into 32 working positions: 4 stepladders, 7 extension ladders, 2 individual stepladders, scaffolding supports in 4 height positions, and a ladder that can be used against the wall in 3 height positions and in stairwells in 12 height positions for use in both bottom and top stair landings as well as the stairs themselves.

The entire ladder system is designed around two sets of lock tab assemblies at the top rung on both sides of the ladder and a combination design of two solid hinges and palm buttons. Releasing the lock tabs allows the inner section (both front and back) of the ladder to slide up and down in the outer section (base). This design allows you to pull out the inner sections to create two independent stepladders. Or lock them in place at appropriate heights for the project. The palm buttons allow the unit to close for storage, open for a stepladder design, and create a fully working extension ladder when completely opened.

Moving one side of the ladder in or out will take pressure off the assembly so the palm buttons can work smoothly. The patented Tri-Lock hinge adds more strength to this section of the ladder.

Accessories enhance or complete the ladder system. The sturdy Work Platform provides a comfortable and safe standing platform on the extension ladder or stepladder. It easily lifts out of the way with a toe so you can dismount the ladder. As a scaffolding trestle, it locks two bases together to create an independent stepladder or trestle (scaffolding supports).

The Wall Stand-Off is handy for ladder use around windows or obstacles and under overhangs. It stabilizes the ladder at the top and holds the ladder away from the work surface. The unit's adjustable legs make the system even more versatile. The Leg Leveler provides a safe and stable solution when working on uneven ground.

The Tip & Glide Wheels, two wheels on the bottom of the ladder, make it easier to transport. Instead of carrying the ladder around, you can now roll it with ease. This simple improvement to models 17, 22, and 26 only makes the Little Giant more versatile than ever. In fact, while in the stepladder position (with the wheels toward you) simply grab the palm buttons with both hands and pull the top of the ladder toward you until the entire weight of the unit rests on the wheels. Now you can either push or pull the ladder to its next resting spot provided you are on a solid surface.

It takes roughly 12 stepladders, extension ladders, and multi-position ladders to do what one 17-foot Little Giant Ladder can do. The Little Giant's Model 17 at $449 (suggested retail) is a remarkable value considering that it takes only one multi-position ladder to do the job of 9 ladders at a third of the cost. Consider also how little storage space the Little Giant requires compared to a dozen assorted ladders.

The Little Giant Ladder System is built tough, made in the US, has a safe construction design, and I strongly believe it is the best versatile ladder system on the market.

Right now, the market is flooded with Little Giant Ladder Systems and copycats. However, you can be assured that a Little Giant Model Ladder System purchased from an Authorized Dealer is the real thing, manufactured to meet Wing's exacting standards for safety and durability. It is shipped directly from the manufacturer and, depending on the model, carries a one-year or lifetime warranty. is no longer an Authorized Dealer
of Little Giant Ladder System.