PDF-tapemeasure - Learn How to Read and Choose a Tape Measure, Article

PDF-tapemeasure - Learn How to Read and Choose a Tape Measure, Article



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"Measure twice, cut once" is an old woodworking adage to avoid incorrect cuts and the waste of time and materials that result from them. A good tape measure is what you need to "measure twice." Whether you're building a house, creating a woodworking masterpiece in your garage, or hanging a picture, it's an indispensable tool.

Unfortunately, if you don't know how to read it properly, it can be a source of frustration and a waste of valuable time. For this reason I created an 8-page article titled Learn How to Read and Choose a Tape Measure.

Learn How to Read and Choose a Tape Measure received the 2008 Vaughan/National Association of Home and Workshop Writers (NAHWW) Golden Hammer Writing Award in the Internet Category.

In this article, you'll learn how to read a tape measure properly, how to decode its markings so they can work for you, and how their correct use can help save time.

Learn How to Read and Choose a Tape Measure covers the following subjects:

  1. Types of Tape Measures
  2. Increments
  3. The Scale
  4. Other Markings
  5. Truss Example
  6. Tip (end hook)

As an added bonus to this article, Choosing a Tape Measure is also included. Because the tape measure is such an indispensable tool, itís important to select one (or even two) that best fits your needs.

This section provides valuable information that will help you better understand what to look for before purchasing a tape measure:

  1. Choosing a Tape Measure
  2. So Where Do You Start?
  3. The Thumb Blade Lock
  4. The Blade
  5. Testing the Blade's Strength
  6. The Blade's Tip
  7. Safety
  8. To Sum It Up

Not only will you learn how to read a tape measure, but you'll also get insights into selecting the best one for you. Because this is such a simple—but complex—tool, this award-winning 8-page downloadable PDF article featuring 21 full-color photographs provides some outstanding information. Learn How to Read and Choose a Tape Measure will help you better understand and use a tape measure to its full potential and how to select the right tape measure to fit your needs. (Tape measure not included in price.)

Learn How to Read and Choose a Tape Measure, an award-winning article written by Leon A. Frechette, a seasoned construction veteran, is an invaluable tool for both consumers and professionals alike. Yes, there's a lot of free information on the web, but none presents the in-depth information as clearly and simply as this article. Still not convinced? Take a few minutes to read what our satisfied customers have to say by clicking here to read their feedback. This article is definitely worth the investment!

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