154 - Solo 154 Professional Straight Shaft Brushcutter

154 - Solo 154 Professional Straight Shaft Brushcutter



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The Solo 154 Professional Straight Shaft Brushcutter is equipped with a 54cc 2-cycle 3.1-HP engine. This power trimmer sports an individually adjustable bicycle handle for optimum appliance handling and an eccentric quick-acting lock to easily fix the handle's position. This unit is designed to reduce costs in commercial use through quality, working comfort, and good serviceability. Roadside services, municipal authorities, landscape gardeners, and forestry enterprises trust Solo's performance, operator comfort, ease of maintenance, and economy.

Some features of the Solo 154:

  1. Electronic digital ignition with curve for optimum ignition timing.
  2. Electronic speed limiter to prevent excess engine speeds.
  3. High-performance engine with 5 transfer ports for precise conventional and future stratified mixture charging.
  4. Dual-vane fan wheel for excellent cooling performance.
  5. Decompression valve for easier starting.
  6. Low fuel consumption and a fuel tank capacity of 1.5 pints (0.7 litre) to enable prolonged use.
  7. Fantastic weight balance between the drive and shaft unit.
  8. Extremely low vibrations through an effective anti-vibration system.
  9. Optimized exhaust gas routing.
  10. Cam lock for easy handle adjustment to suit user height and/or the terrain.
  11. Highly robust aluminum shaft tube with a thick wall and 1.18 inches (30 mm) for maximum load-bearing and low weight.
  12. Easy to service; its spark plug and air filter are accessible without tools.
  13. New multi-function shield for blade and line head insert.
  14. Maximum line circle of 17.12 inches (435 mm) to cover large areas quickly.

Minus the shield and cutter, the unit weighs 18.3 pounds and carries a two-year warranty.