52925 - EasyPoint ProTape Measure, 1 in. x 25 ft.

52925 - EasyPoint ProTape Measure, 1 in. x 25 ft.

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Unlike bulky conventional tape measures on the market, our private label EasyPoint ProTape has ergonomic rubber grips built into the case to provide a comfortable and exceptionally secure grip. This tape measure has a 25-foot by 1-inch blade and weighs just under 16 ounces.

EasyPoint Pro Tape Measure Assembled in the U.S. and featuring an easy-to-use thumb blade lock, this tape has large numbers that don't require glasses to read and a lower scale in 1/16-inch increments with printed fractions that start at 1/8 inch. The tip of the blade floats with the help of two rivets supported by a metal shield on the backside to help strengthen the end of the blade. A third rivet secures the end of the metal shield. An active bumper built into the case helps to prevent the tip from snapping off as it absorbs the shock from the tip after the blade retracts.

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