2CA - Contract Agreement Sheets

2CA - Contract Agreement Sheets



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Contract Agreement Sheet (25 legal size copies). Contractors demonstrate that you fully understand your customer's project by spelling out in detail the work to be performed. A payment schedule will keep you both on track, and the general conditions will protect both parties from misunderstanding.

Consumers, protect your property and rights with a legally binding contract. Written start and end dates will help keep your contractor on track and you can compare his progress to the agreed-upon payment schedule.

Other legal rights of which you may not be aware that pertain to your contract are called General Conditions. We have included the full legal version on the backsides of our Contract Agreement sheets, Extra Work and/or Change Order forms, and Itemized Bid Sheets. While some of these conditions are common practice within the industry, they should not be taken for granted. It's important that these conditions benefit both you and the contractor, so check with the contractor you plan to hire to see if the contract will include general conditions.

This business form has a great track record—it's been used in the field by professionals for over 22 years!

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Contract/Agreement Sheet
Author: Leon A. Frechette
Publisher: C.R.S., Inc.
Revised: 2006

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