1000-s - Shoulder Dolly, Consumer Model

1000-s - Shoulder Dolly, Consumer Model

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Light Duty Shoulder Dolly Shoulder Dolly Consumer Model by Nielsen Products LLC is a unique moving system that can help reduce hand, back, and arm strain and dramatically reduce the risk of lower back injury when used to move heavy objects in and out of buildings, around tight corners, and over rough terrain.

The system helps lifters achieve greater control over the lifted object by allowing them to utilize their large shoulder and leg muscles to lift the weight, leaving arms free to balance and control the load. This reduces the chance of damage to the lifted object as well as to interior walls, doors, and door jams.

Hand trucks can scratch and mar hardwood floors and stairs, rip floor covering, and leave hard-to-remove tire marks. The Shoulder Dolly system eliminates the chance of this type of damage because nothing touches the floor.

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The Shoulder Dolly Consumer Model will handle most moves with ease. Its design is similar to that of a pullover T-shirt but the harness, with its 3-inch-wide shoulder straps, is not adjustable. Although it is not as quick to get over the shoulders as their heavy duty system, it is just as effective.

The black polypropylene web carrying strap is 5 inches wide by 12 feet long and permits a maximum safe carrying weight of 800 lb. The high-quality steel tension buckles allow for adjustments to the carrying strap. It has a breaking strength at 1,500 lb. and carries a one-year guarantee on any kind of manufacturer's defects.

The next time you plan to move an appliance, furniture, or any other item the old-fashioned way, seriously consider the risk of injury. Protect yourself and your helpers by utilizing safe lifting techniques with help from the Shoulder Dolly. You'll accomplish more with much less effort and eliminate collateral damage and marring in the process!

To use Shoulder Dolly: Place the extra wide webbing underneath the object to be carried. Either tip the object slightly and slide the webbing underneath it or, if the body of the object you want to carry sits off the ground on legs, slide one end of the extra-wide webbing (before it is attached to the specialty buckle) underneath the object and pull the webbing through when it reaches the other side.

When the webbing is beneath the middle of the object to be carried and centered to keep the object balanced, both lifters should squat slightly and adjust the length of the webbing until it is taut. This will leave each lifter in a semi-squatting position with his/her legs partially bent.

Next, both lifters push back from the object with their open hands. When they are ready to lift, they simultaneously straighten their legs and lift the object.

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